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Plastic Extrusion Resources

To assist our customers and industry associates, UPC has compiled this collection of information and links related to processes, materials and standards used in the plastic extrusion industry.

Follow the links below to learn more about the technologies and standards at work at UPC:

Extrusion Processes: An introduction to the various types of plastic extrusion performed in our facility.

Extrusion Materials: A selection of the varied polymers and compounds that are commonly used in plastic extrusion processes.

Industry Links: Some of our recommended websites for more insight into current standards, practices and issues in our industry.

Custom Extrusion Profile

TPO & Santoprene™- Emergency Relief Shelter Component

Tubular Extrusion Profile

ABS- Large ABS Tube

Extrusion Production Floor

Oversize Extrusion Profile

PVC - Floor wire cover

Co-Extrusion Extrusion Profile

PVC & Flexible PVC - Co-extruded Reversable Wire conduit

Multi-port extrusion leaving die

Multiport Hole Extrusion Profile

Santoprene™ - Expansion Joint for construction

Door And Window Profile

PVC - Window and Door Extrusion

Co-extrusion leaving die


Point Of Purchace Profile

PVC - Ice Cream Cooler Glass Frame

Automotive Profile

Santoprene™ - Running Board Cover

In-line processing applying adhesive tape

Pool Rail Profile

PVC - Pool Coping