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United Plastics Components Launches Video
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Multiport hole extrusion profiles produced by UPC

UPC provides design engineering, tooling, production and post-processing services for a full range of simple and complex multiport profiles.

Profile Material Project

Glass filled PP

Running board support

PVC & Flexible PVC

Emergency Relief Shelter Component

PVC & Flexible PVC

Barn Ventilation Hinge

PVC & Flexible PVC

Co-extruded Reversible Wire conduit

CPVC & Flexible PVC

Window and Door Extrusion


Door Sill

PP & Santoprene™

Co-extruded Door Sweep


Window and Door Extrusion with inline punching


Window and Door Extrusion


Stacking "C" Channels

PVC & Flexible PVC

Appliance Door Frame


Component for in-store Freezer / Appliance with 3M Tape Applied

Flexible PVC

Bumper extrusion


Hockey glass support


Expansion Joint for construction


Sweeper Brush Cartridge

Custom Extrusion Profile

TPO & Santoprene™- Emergency Relief Shelter Component

Tubular Extrusion Profile

ABS- Large ABS Tube

Extrusion Production Floor

Oversize Extrusion Profile

PVC - Floor wire cover

Co-Extrusion Extrusion Profile

PVC & Flexible PVC - Co-extruded Reversable Wire conduit

Multi-port extrusion leaving die

Multiport Hole Extrusion Profile

Santoprene™ - Expansion Joint for construction

Door And Window Profile

PVC - Window and Door Extrusion

Co-extrusion leaving die


Point Of Purchace Profile

PVC - Ice Cream Cooler Glass Frame

Automotive Profile

Santoprene™ - Running Board Cover

In-line processing applying adhesive tape

Pool Rail Profile

PVC - Pool Coping